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Playing the 24 Game

Playing the 24 Game


To find a solution of 24 by using the given numbers, the four basic operations, and order of operations

Students will play this game to practice order of operations. They will need to use the four given numbers along with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to reach 24.  Guess and check will be used as well. 

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Choose the version that you want to play.


Example of directions in practice section

Choose either a timed game or untimed for extra practice.

For the first move, select 10 divided by 2 to get 5.

Then select 9 to add it to the 5.  The finals step will be to add 14 to the remaining 10 to equal 24.

Once you reach 24, you will get another problem.  If you want to look at the numbers arranged in a different order, hit reshuffle.