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Playining in the new normal

Playining in the new normal

Author: Ben Persey

casino in the new normal in the new age of Netflix. We’re never going to have a golden age again of moviegoing , and with VOD and online viewing there’s a very real chance that “No. 1” is now going to be a punch line.

8. Watch movies with friends in the old-fashioned way.

The one thing filmmakers will always be able to count on is an audience member at their screening refusing to check out their film on a regular basis. If we’re going to accept the commodification of a creative experience, we can’t be afraid of turning off and tuning out, especially with the endless torrent of television options at our fingertips. Our enthusiasm for rewatching what we already love is perhaps our most potent legacy as film lovers.

9. Go where we’re most welcome.

The only way to encourage others to embrace the same impulses we once had, is to make them our priority. Spend our time in theaters and don’t take for granted the

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