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2 Tutorials that teach PLCs and Social Learning Theory
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PLCs and Social Learning Theory

PLCs and Social Learning Theory

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson you will review the components of social learning theory.

In this lesson, you will understand reciprocal determinism.

In this lesson, you will apply social learning theory to PLC.

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Notes on “PLCs and Social Learning Theory”


(00:00-00:19) Introduction

(00:20-01:07) Social Learning Theory Review

(01:08-02:09) The 5 Components of Social Learning Theory

(02:20-02:46) Reciprocal Determinism

(02:47-03:34) PLCs Support Social Learning Theory

(03:35-03:55) Reflection

(03:56-04:26) Conclusion

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This article makes a strong connection between social learning theory and its application in a Professional Learning Community.

Teachers Learning Together to Enact Culturally Relevant Pedagogy for English Learners: A Call to Reclaim PLCs

This article draws on best practices of Professional Learning Communities to improve practice in English Language Learner classrooms. The article also connects the tenets of PLC with culturally relevant pedagogy.