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Plural Nouns

Plural Nouns

Author: Mrs. T Tomassi

I can explain the difference between a singular and plural noun.

I can identify the different spelling patterns that are used to change a word from singular to plural.  ( The plural -s, nouns that are singular and plural, nouns that are always plural, changing -y to -ies, using -es).

I can use these spelling patterns when writing singular or plural nouns.


You will have a website to real and watch 5 tutorial videos by Mrs. Thorne Does Phonics.  After, please answer the questions in the Google Document provided at the end.


Once you copy the worksheet, rename it and fill in your answers, you will need to share it with me!

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1. Read through this website and then watch the videos below to learn about plural nouns. You have a Google Worksheet to complete at the end to show your learning.  Click on the link for more information.

Mrs. Thone Does Phonics: The plural -s

Learn how to change a noun from singular to plural using the -s.

Source: About & Geraldine the Giraffe

Nouns that are already singular and plural...

From Mrs. Thorne does Phonics, learn about nouns that can do not change spelling when moving from singular to plural meaning.

Source: About & Geraldine the Giraffe

Plural nouns that end in -ies "Y" do you need to do that?

Sometimes when you are spelling a plural noun, you will need to drop the 'y' on the singular noun and change it to an -ies.

Source: About & Geraldine the Giraffe

Plural nouns that end is "-es".

There are times words need more than just an 's' to become plural. Do you notice any patterns for these words?

Source: About & Geraldine the Giraffe

Last one... Nouns that always are plural! You will always have more than 1 in this case.

There are some nouns that always are plural. You always mean more than one...because there is no singular version of the noun. See if any surprize you?

Source: About & Geraldine the Giraffe

Singular and Plural Worksheet - Complete when you finish reading and watching the resources above!

After you read the website and watch ALL the videos, follow the directions below CAREFULLY.
1. Open the Google Document. (see link below)
2. You will have to sign on to your Learn.Brevard account (just like you do on the school computers).
2. Once the document is open, you can view it.
3. Now, go to FILE and click on MAKE A COPY (this will create a copy for you to type into.)
4. Change the name of the file to ___(your class ID) and Singular and Plural Nouns (example 1T Singular and Plural Nouns). Using this naming convention helps keep all our work organized.
5. Fill in your responses. Make sure you type your name and date.
6. Now SHARE the document with me! This is important if you want to get credit.

Source: Source: Mrs. Tomassi created using words from