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Pod Casting

Pod Casting

Author: April Jackson
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Pod Casting

What is pod casting in education?

Pod casting in education is the ability to create audio and or video and listen to them live or recorded for later use. Pod casting is similar to a radio recording. There a series of lessons that is recorded by an instructor that students can go back and refer to.


Why this approach?

Instructors use this approach in education because it allows instructors to cover a vast amount of information and record it a series audio tracks. Pod casting also allows to students to go back and refer to parts of the lesson as reference in case they did not understand something.  Pod casting can also be stored away for a period of time for later use.


What are benefits of pod casting in education?

Students are able to create pod cast and share them. Pod cast can be used on iTunes which allows pod cast to be stored in a convenient location for students. It gives students a creative outlet as oppose to traditional learning methods.