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Podcast: History

Podcast: History

Author: Danielle Burbage

This learnign packet will provide an overview of Podcasting:

  • History of podcasting
  • What Podcasting is
  • Podcasting:Behind the scenes

The World Wide Web became very popular in the late 90's and it started to show people how small this world really is. The web allowed people to do and say things that they may not have normally gotten a chance to say if the Internet did not exist. Once people started jotting down their thoughts, in what is called a blog, they wanted to stop typing and start speaking. So, people started recording themselves and saving it as MP3 file's, and then posting it to their blogs. This here is one of the first forms of podcasting.

There became a problem, this process took too much work for the reader to do. They would have to regularly check for new MP3 files, then visit the website to download them and then sync then file onto their MP3 player (or iPod) by hand. This was too much work that people did not want to do so they had to come up with a way for the computer to be able to do all of this for the person. All people would have to do is one thing, download the file. This did happen. Now the process is very simple, there was a software that was developed, and this software checked for new updates, then read the file to see where to store the file that was just downloaded, then the last step is for you to transfer the file onto your MP3 (iPod).

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History of Podcasting

This video is taking a look at podcasting and how is started

Intro to Podcasting

This video takes a look at how to use podcasting.

What is Podcasting?

This is a brief video about what podcasting is.

Podcasting:Behind the scenes

A visual of what is actually going on in the process of podcasting, behind the scenes.