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Podcasting with iPadio

Podcasting with iPadio

Author: Cindy Powell

At the end of this lesson the student will be able to record, publish, and embed a podcast to a webpage.

  • The student will be able to join ipadio and set up account.
  • The student will be able to call the toll-free number and record a message.
  • The student will be able to collect the embed code on the site.
  • The student will be able to add the embed code to a webpage.

This lesson shows how to make and post a podcast using the very easy tool, ipadio. We can use a phone to record instant podcasts and even for live broadcasts if desired and set for that. During the lesson we also look at reasons this is a tool which is useful in a classroom.

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Podcasting with Ipadio

This is a presentation about standards related to podcasting, multiple choices for podcast subjects, and places to host your podcast. The only feature of Ipadio which is a drawback is that unless you are uploading an already recorded file is that there is no editing. It can also be used to broadcast live...but that's a different lesson.

Ipadio Introduction

Short directions on using ipadio to record your podcast. Screen shots showing tabs and pages used to complete your assignment.


Step 1: Make an iPadio account

Open another tab on your browser or another browser and go to; or just click, You will need to create an account, The information you need to have is the phone number which you will use to call in your broadcast. They will supply you with a toll-free number and pin to use when recording.

Be sure to write down the user information and the pin...although your pin is displayed after you are logged in so it isn't as vital.

Now that you have an account make a phone call and record your first podcast!

Step 2: Embedding the Code

This video explains how to add the embed code to a blog or website. It was done by iPadio.

Source: you_tube, ipadio

The last step!

Your recording is made and stored at Ipadio. All you have left to do is go to your hosting site and use your code to publish your podcast there. Creating a podcast couldn't be easier. Once you have it set up each new recording can be published there without repeating the embed part. (You can even set it so that it automatically updates.)

Try it soon...let me know how it goes. Enjoy!