Podcasting:In the classroom

Podcasting:In the classroom


This sophia packet is taking a look into Podcasting in the classroom:

  • How they can be used
  • The advantages of Podcasting 
  • Cost of having them
  • Tips for Teachers
  • Podcasting 101
  • Integrating Podcasting within the classroom
  • 5 Steps of Podcasting
  • Example of Podcasting

Podcasting in the classroom is a great way to get your students engaged and to have them have a hands on experience with technology. Podcasting in the classroom can be used by everyone such as the teachers, students etc.

How can they be used

  • For teachers to post assignments
  • Exlaining various assignments
  • Class presentations/projects
  • School newspaper
  • School related activities


  • Allows parents to be able to keep up with what their child is doing at school
  • Saves time to cover more material
  • Allows the teacher to do more in the classroom
  • Helps students be able to go back for a reference( in case they forgot something, or how to do a certain assignment)
  • Allows parents to be able to help their child if then need the help


  • Low cost
  • Most students have iPods or some sort of handheld device(cell phone)
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Podcast:Tips for Teacers

Here is a website that gives teachers tips on some projects they can use in there classroom using Podcast.

Podcasting 101

This site teachs a simple way to set up a Podcast.

Integrating Podcasting into your classroom

This video takes a look at how podcasting can be integrated into our classrooms.

Podcasting in 5 easy steps

This video is a step-by-step look at how to create your own podcast.

Great Example

This site is a great example of how podcasting has been integrated into the classroom.