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Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud

Author: Brian Mead

To introduce our study on poetry using the Poetry Out Loud Recitation Contest.

To discover what Poetry Out Loud is and what it offers.

To prepare for the final goal of performing in a Poetry Out Loud event.

Every year Colony High joins thousands of high schools in Alaska and the entire United states in a poetry recitation contest.  The purpose is to foster a love of poetry understanding of the powerful effects poetry may have.  In this short lesson you will become familiar with the Poetry Out Loud organization and where we will be heading in the next several weeks with it.

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An Introduction to Poetry Out Loud

View this Prezi slideshow to familiarize yourself with what Poetry Out Loud is, then in the next part of the lesson you will explore the Poetry Out Loud website.


What is Poetry Out Loud?

Discover what Poetry Out Loud is by going to it's website at

Familiarize yourself with the site. While there explore:

  1. The About page
  2. Check out the photo galleries
  3. Skim through The Competition section via the link or the navigational tab
  4. Familiarize yourself with the poems and how to browse through them.
  5. Read a few poems
  6. Pick two poems you like and submit their titles and authors to the form below:


Submit Two Poems you like from the website