Point of view: There's more than one side to every story

Point of view: There's more than one side to every story

Author: Amanda Page

If you've ever heard the phrase, "No matter how flat a pancake is there are always two sides" then this will help give you a visual to remember point of view. In this lesson we will be learning about both reading and writing from different points of view, and by the end of the lesson we will not only do a group journal, where we will take turns writing a story from our own points of view, but we will also choose two or three different fairy tales and for homework, you will pick a story, as well as two characters from that story, and the proceed to write two summaries of what happened through their points of view

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I want you to look at this picture and imagine and imagine that you are either the dog or cat. Now I want you to write a quick paragraph with complete sentences about how you feel wearing this sweater and then write another paragraph about how what the cat or dog thinks about the other animal and how they think the cat or dog feels about wearing the sweater

Now that you've gotten a description of the three different points of view. I want you to pick your favorite story, book, show, or movie. I then want you to pick a scene as well as two characters and then write about that scene that is at least four to five paragraphs long from two different points of view. I want you to use plenty of details and I also want you to be prepared to read what you've written and to explain why your writing is in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person.