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Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons


Understand the historical meaning behind primary sources like political cartoons.

This tutorial has been created for 8th Grade level. Students will be able to use their background and academic knowledge to analyze political cartoons from the Civil War Era.

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Analyzing Political Cartoons

As a whole class students with the teacher's guidance will analyze the following cartoon from Civil War Era. Students will pay attention to details such as figures, colors (if any), scripts (if any), images, and all possible details that cah give them clues about the type of event or situation is reflected on the cartoon.

Let's do it together! is a sample for the following activity where students will have the PPT images printed and laminated exposed as a museum gallery. Students in groups (no larger than 5) will be analyzing the different cartoons and writing their thoughts, ideas, and perception of each picture. 

Political Cartoons

Political Cartoon Analysis worksheet

use this sheet as your guidance for analyzing each political cartoon.