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Directions: You will be getting a brief lesson on polygons for class tomorrow! Look at the pictures with descriptions and watch the video first to help you understand. Once you think you understand what is, please complete the short quiz to show me you understood the information! Be prepared to do activities in class tomorrow. Good Luck!



Polygons are 2- dimensional shapes that are made of straight lines that connect and the shape is closed. 


This IS a Polygon


This is NOT a polygon, it has a CURVE.


This is NOT a polygon, it is not CLOSED.

Regular or Irregular Polygons

If all angles of the polygon and sides are equal, then the polygon is regular. If they are not equal then the polygon is irregular.




Names of Polygons Video!

Here is a fun video that will help you guys understand more about polygons.


Once you have viewed the video please take this short quiz!