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Introduction to Psychology

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PolyVision’s revolutionary new interactive whiteboard, eno, is a breakthrough solution that combines the simplicity and ease of a traditional ceramicsteel surface with interactive performance—without all the cords, cables or costly installation.



The very best of both worlds—all in one board

  • Embrace simplicity. No cords, no cables. No hard connections to power or data. Really.

  • Invest wisely. No costly installation. No outlet required for the board.

  • Catalyze the creative process. Make notes, draw diagrams, illustrate your point by writing directly on the whiteboard with a regular dry-erase marker, or using the interactive stylus.

  • Write and erase without care. Featuring our best-selling, industry-leading e3 environmental ceramicsteel, eno offers an exceptionally smooth surface for dry-erase notes that actually erase and always erase..

  • Replace instead of repair. With all technical components consolidated into a Bluetooth®-enabled stylus, worries about multiple points of failure are a thing of the past. The board is maintenance-free. The stylus is a next-day replacement.

  • Keep the conversation going. Save and distribute the entire interactive session, with one easy click to capture notes written with the stylus.

  • Multitask with grace. Need to project a presentation? The low-gloss surface renders the screen in clear definition. Need to hang up printed pieces? The whiteboard is magnetic.

  • Lifetime warranty. The board uses PolyVision’s legendary e3 (environmentally certified) ceramicsteel surface, built to withstand the hard knocks of classrooms, conference rooms and carelessness.

  • Magnets, markers, multimedia. Three boards in one.