Pond Life Math Problems

Pond Life Math Problems

Author: Amanda Treml

The students will create an adding or subtracting story problem for others to solve.  The will communicate the facts and ask the question.

The students will create an illustration of a bee and flowers using the app Doodle Buddy.  They will record their adding or subtracting story problem using the app Educreations.  They will make sure to ask the question using the correct terminology for their problem.

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What is a pond?

Brainstorm what you know about ponds.  What is a pond?  What lives in a pond habitat?  What grows in a pond?





Create a Pond Habitat Math Story

Think about an adding or subtracting math story that could be possible in a pond habitat.

Using Doodle Buddy app create a picture of a pond and include the details for your math story.

Here is an example.

Source: Doodle Buddy app

Creating Class Story Problem Video

When all the drawings are complete, upload them to Educreations app and have the students record their story problem.  Another app I found is Adobe Voice, which allows you to record voice for each picture.  It also lets you rerecord if there is a mistake.  Working with kindergartners, rerecord works better than starting all over!  When the video is complete I upload to our class blog and we can solve the word problems together or they could do it for homework.

Pond Habitat Math Stories

Click here to watch a sample of pond habitat math stories.


Source: Adobe Voice