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Pop Art

Pop Art

Author: Erin Aldana

This lesson will examine Pop Art, mass media, and kitsch.

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Pop Art

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  • Pop Art

    An art movement where the artist uses common products and images that symbolically represent culture to create artwork.

  • Popular Culture

    Fads, favorites, or well-known commercial objects or activities used by the general public.

  • Found Object

    Everyday objects or materials not usually viewed in the context of fine art that are used by artists to create works of art.

  • Mass Media

    Any number of ways information is quickly transmitted to large numbers of people including through newspapers, television, internet, or radio.

  • Kitsch

    A term given to artwork that is characterized by exaggerated nostalgia or gaudy poor taste.

  • Cultural Icons

    Objects or people important or considered valuable in a specific culture.