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Population (Distribution and Density)

Population (Distribution and Density)


The objective of this topic is to help students understand

  1. how is population distributed
  2. what are the factors affecting population distribution
  3. why population in a LEDC countries more compared to MEDC countries

 Students will also be able to compare population density from different continents.Since population distribution depends on certain factors, students will be able to

Distribution describes the way in which people are spread out across the Earth's surface. This distribution is uneven and changes over period of time. Refer to the dot map (Dot map showing world population).

There are some factors affecting distribution and density of population.

  1. Relief - flat plains and low lying undulating areas, Broad river valleys, High rugged mountains, worn down shield lands and foothills of active volcanoes.
  2. Climate - Areas with high sunshine, heavy snow falls, limited annual rain fall, low annual temperature and high humidity.
  3. vegetation - grassland and forest
  4. Soil Deep fertile, Nile valley and Delta, Volcanic soils and Etna
  5. Natural resources - minerals and energy supplies
  6. Water supply - Reliable supplies
  7. Natural routes - gaps through mountains and mountain barrier
  8. Economic - good roads, railway, industrial areas, and development for tourism
  9. Social - Better housing opportunities, education, health facilities  and retirement areas.
  10. Political - Government investment, new town and reclamation of land
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Population Density

A dot map to show how population was distributed. Factors affecting population density.