Population Ecology

Population Ecology

Author: Janet Lee
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Owl: Chapter 20 pg. 378 -395

Tiger: Chapter 16-1 pg. 340 - 345

Population Ecology

Population and Quest for Survival Focus Questions

Population Ecology and Quest for Survival Focus Questions

1. What is a population?

2. What are the three variables that are used to sort populations?

3. What factors affect population size? What are examples of limiting factors?

4. How do populations grow over time? What is the difference between the exponential model and the logistic model?

5. What are density independent and density dependent factors? Give examples.

6. How are humans an exception to the above? What makes them different?

7. What makes one organism more likely to survive over another?

8. How can a population work together to survive?

Power 10: Population, predator, prey, carrying capacity, exponential growth, logistical growth, adaptation, behavior, survival