3 Tutorials that teach Portraiture, Republic to Flavians
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Portraiture, Republic to Flavians

Portraiture, Republic to Flavians

Author: Erin Aldana

Portraiture, Republic to Flavians

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Introduction to Art History

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  • Portrait

    An image of an individual person

  • Bust

    An image of a person that consists of the head and upper torso.

  • Veristic Style

    A style of ancient Roman portraiture that emphasized a person’s age and physical imperfections as a reference to wisdom and experience.

  • Idealism

    A style of portraiture that reduces a person’s physical imperfections, giving an appearance of youth and athleticism.

  • Individualism

    In art and portraiture, the emphasis placed on a person's unique physical characteristics.

  • Apotheosis

    he elevation of a person to the status of a god, often seen in ancient Rome in portraits of emperors and busts of deceased family members.