Positive and Negative Numbers

Positive and Negative Numbers

Author: Kathy Girard

The student will be able to:

  • Describe what a number line is
  • Add together positive numbers
  • Add together negative numbers
  • Add together positive and negative numbers
  • Subtract positive numbers
  • Subtract negative numbers
  • Subtract positive and negative numbers

This tutorial will explain the rules of adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers.

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View the following video (about 20 minutes).Have pen and paper ready to do the examples. Then in class we will do more practice.


Source: LTC Healthcore, Kathy Girard

Positive and Negative Numbers

PDF of video lecture on Positive and Negative Numbers

Full Screen

Source: LTC Healthcore

More help with adding positive and negative numbers

In this video, I show you how easy it can be to add different arrangements of positive and negative numbers (integers).

Source: YouTube Education

More help with subtracting positive and negative numbers

In this video, I show you how to turn a subtraction problem into an addition problem to make subtracting positive and negative integers easier.

Source: YouTube Education

Song about subtracting negative integers (numbers)

one for the pre-algebra and algebra crowd- how to subtract negative integers! (lyrics below)
See more of Mr. R.'s science and math resources at:

Source: YouTube Education

Fun Rap about positive and negative numbers

number line dance
The Rappin' Mathematician raps about positive and negative numbers. 2008 Innovative Video in Education (iVIE) Winner!
For more info, visit: http://www.mathraps.com/

Source: YouTube Education