Posting photos to a Canvas discussion

Posting photos to a Canvas discussion

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This packet is designed to help my students insert photos into discussions on Canvas, the Learning Management System I use in my mathematics courses.

Unfortunately, embedding a photograph into a discussion post is not a built-in feature on Canvas. However, there IS a feature that lets you embed a photograph that is already on the web into a discussion post.

The place that I imagine most of my students know how to get an image onto the web is on Facebook.

So here's the demonstration...

Embedding pictures from Facebook

This video demonstrates how to use a public Facebook photograph in a Canvas discussion.

There you have it

So there you have it. Simple as can be. The two keys are:

  1. Set the photo to "public", and
  2. Right-click on the photo to copy the image URL

Send me an email, or post a question here if you have any questions or need further help.

Oh, and by the way, Canvas is free to individual instructors and after my first semester using it, students preferred it to our adopted LMS by a wide margin. And those who didn't like it mostly complained that they had to check an additional website (I'll be teaching them about tabs and bookmarks this semester). I can't go back. Maybe someone else will design something better than Canvas. But I can't go back to our old one.