Potential verbs

Potential verbs

Author: Elena Yoo

Students will:

  • be able to construct sentences to describe someone can do something in Japanese.
  • be able to construct sentences to describe frequency, ratio in Japanese.

Learn how to describe "someone can" and someone has potential to do something" in Japanese.

Also learn how to describe frequency and ratio in Japanese.

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Potential verbs

Please watch the video and complete the worksheet & quizzes on the right. There will be a mini quiz on April 16th on the subject! Please stop, rewind and review the content until you get it.

Potential verbs worksheet

Change these verbs into potential form. Pay attention to each verb and keep the same form (short/long, past/present/future tense, negative/affirmative) when you change them into potential form. Print out the sheet and submit in class.

Full Screen

Potential verbs video - 1

Watch the video and practice potential verbs with Quizlet.

Potential verbs video - 2

Voki - Peace

Click the link below and listen to what the smiley face is saying in Japanese.




何と言っていますか? Write down what the smiley face is saying in Japanese and submit in class. (homework)