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Author: Nathan Lampson

This lesson will explain the concept of power, and show that it can be calculated using work and time.

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Power is the amount of work done on an object in a unit of time.  The rate that work is done is another way to think of power.  The units for power can be written as Joules per second (J/s) or Watt (W).



It takes more power to run up a flight of stairs with a giant pie in your hands than to walk because it takes you less time to do the same work.



If an object has more power it is able to do more work in the same amount of time.  



A car with a higher power engine is able to accelerate faster.  A car with a fast engine can do more work in less time.



Power can be calculated by dividing the amount of work done by the amount of time it takes to do.


Power = Work / Time


Work can be written as force * distance.  The equation for power can also be written.


Power = Force * Distance / Time


If a man pushed a giant pie with a force of 10N a distance of 30m and it took a time of 30s, what is the power of the man?


Force of the man = 10N

Distance = 30m

Time = 30s


Power = Force * Distance / Time

Power = 10N * 30m / 30s

Power = 10 J/s = 10 W