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Power Point 2013 Basics

Power Point 2013 Basics

Author: C Selwocki

The Objective of this tutorial is to learn the basic functions of Power Point in order to create a new presentation.

In this Tutorial users will learn the following:

  • How to open MS Office Power Point
  • How to add a new slide
  • How to change the slide layout
  • How to add text
  • How to change the font type, size, and color
  • How to add pictures
  • How to add sounds
  • How to add animations
  • How to change the background color of a slide
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Microsoft Power Point 2013 Basics Guide

This PDF is a guide the highlights the basics of Power Point to help new users get started.


Source: Guide was created by C. Selwocki with screen captures from Microsoft Office Power Point 2013

Help Menu

The Help Menu is located at the top left hand corner of the Power Point Screen.  It is the ? icon. When you click on this icon, the Power Point Help Menu will appear.  You can search specific questions and view popular searches.  This is a wonderful menu for those new to Power Point.

Power Point 2013 Help Menu Image


Source: Microsoft Office Power Point 2013 Screen Capture