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PowToon Slide Panel

PowToon Slide Panel

Author: Tammy Austin

To become familiar with the slide and menu panel

This section will allow you to know what options you have in different panels inside PowToon

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The Slide Panel

The Slide Panel contains your slides for your presentation.

Slide Options: You can add/remove and duplicate slides (all objects and timing). Note: You can also clone slides, which duplicates the previous slide with the last frame (1 second) on it. This can help you make a smooth transition from slide to slide.

Presentation/Movie Mode: Toggle between the movie and presentation modes depending on how you want to show or explain your information. Note: Presentation mode allows you to create Hold Points for live presentation narration.


Transitions: Transitions between slides can be added by accessing the Transition Options from the Library Panel. To add a transition, select the slide and click on the desired transition effect. The transition will appear below the selected slide and the name of the transition effect will appear between the two slides. Note: Transitions are a standard length and cannot be edited. To remove a transition, select the slide and from Transition options from the Library Panel, select None.

Layouts: Layouts for slides include animation placeholders and basic timings. Access the slide layout options by clicking on the slide and selecting the layout options tab. A menu of layouts will appear. Select a layout. Edit the individual items on the slide and timings to adjust the effects. Note: You can only apply a layout option to a slide once. To apply a new layout, simply add a new slide and select a new layout option.

PowToon Slide Panel

Source: Video provided by Powtoon via their YouTube account

PowToon Slide Panel

Source: Video provided by Powtoon via their YouTube account

PowToon Menu Panel

Source: Video provided by Powtoon via their YouTube account