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PowToon Timeline

PowToon Timeline

Author: Tammy Austin

To become comfortable using the timeline of the PowToon interface

In order to put videos together completely, we need to learn how to work with the timeline

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The Timeline

The PowToon Timeline is used to add animation timing to objects in your presentation.

Playhead: The playhead indicates at what second you are currently in your slide. You can slide the playhead throughout the timeline to preview the animation for each slide.

Total Slide Time: Each slide by default is assigned 10 seconds. This can be decreased or increased to up to 20 seconds maximum.

Object Duration Bar: Each object has a animation timing duration bar. To access this bar select the object on the stage and adjust the timing as desired.

Object Thumbnails: All objects in the slide will appear below the timeline. Click on an object to adjust the effect and duration of the object.

Object Effects (Animation): Objects can be set to Enter or Exit the stage using a variety of options including fades, directionality and even a hand function (where a human hand slides the object onto the presentation). Each object can be animated using these effects. Note: You can also Flip an object’s orientation from this area.

Playback Controls: Help you preview your presentation animation as you go. Note: there are four playback options - from left to right - (a) play all slides from start, (b) play current slide from start, (c) play from playhead then continue, and (d) play current slide.

PowToon Timeline

Source: Video provided by Powtoon via their YouTube account

PowToon Timeline

Source: Video provided by Powtoon via their YouTube account

PowToon Timeline

Source: Video provided by Powtoon via their YouTube account