PowToon Workflow

PowToon Workflow

Author: Tammy Austin

To create a PowToon!

Using the steps provided, you will be able to create your first PowToon in under ten minutes!

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The Basic WorkFlow

Depending on the project, I might do these things in different order (except publishing of course)

Step 1: Storyboard

It is highly recommended that you plan your presentation using a storyboard that outlines your visual ideas and narration.

Step 2: Add the Voiceover/Music

Adding the voiceover first then the animations. provides you with the timings, making it easier to add slides and animations.

Adding Sound

From the Menu Panel select Sound OR select the Audio Icon from the Timeline.

Import or Record Voiceover

Import or Add Music Track Note: Some music requires a paid account.

Adjust sound with controls

Preview / Play



Step 3: Add Slides

Using the Slide Panel add slides to your presentation based on your storyboard.

Step 4: Add Objects

Drag and drop objects from the PowToon Library Panel onto your slides (including characters, text, objects and props).

Tip: You can layer objects on top of each other and use the animation timings to introduce objects strategically to create a sense of dynamic movement and cartoon interaction.

Managing Objects

Managing objects in PowToon is similar to MS PowerPoint.

Left-click on the item to select and either hold and move on the stage with the mouse or use the arrow keys.

Use the object handles to resize the object.

Right-click for more object management options such as arrangement (back, front), orientation (flip), etc.

Step 5: Animate Objects

From the Timeline use the Duration Bar to animate each object on the slide.

Select the object to animate.

Choose an effect style for the object entry/exit.

Use the sliders to adjust the duration of the object animation in the slide.

Add/Remove overall slide timing as needed (slides can be up to 20 seconds in length).

Step 4: Preview

Use the Playback Controls OR select Preview from the Menu Panel to review your video. NOTE: Don’t forget to save throughout the process of creating your presentation. The save feature is located in the Menu Panel.

Step 5: Publish

To Publish your PowToon select from the following:

Share Via Link or Embed

Select Preview from the Menu Panel

Choose from one of the sharing options in the Preview dialog.

Export to YouTube/Other

Select Export from the Menu Panel

In the dialog select an output option and Add a YouTube Account. NOTE: In the FREE PowToon account you can only export up to 30 videos at medium resolution with branding. Video exports are also part of premium packages.

PowToon Workflow

Source: Video provided by Powtoon via their YouTube account