Practical Applications of the Bell Curve

Practical Applications of the Bell Curve

Author: Al Greene

This learning packet should:
-Define the bell curve and normal distribution
-Give examples of real life uses of the bell curve

This packet talks about z-scores, the standard normal distribution, continuous random variables, and real life examples of the bell curve. The youtube clip at the end does a great job explaining probability associated with z-scores.

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Terms covered in this packet

This packet introduces the following terms:

  • Bell Curve
  •  Z-Score
  •  Standard Normal Distribution
  •  Continuous Random Variable

You will see the definitions to these and examples to go along with them in the powerpoint.

Source: Greene

Practical Applications of the Bell Curve

This powerpoint discusses some real life applications of the bell curve, including the standard normal distribution, and also talks about z-scores.

Source: Greene

Z-scores explained

This video talks about z-scores, how to interpret them, and what they are used for.

Source: StatisticsFun