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Practice for AP French Exam

Practice for AP French Exam

Author: Cecile McKernan
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AP FRENCH EXAM expectations and information:

*Describes in detail the AP course and exam. Includes the curriculum framework and a representative sample of exam questions:College Board Booklet on the expectations for this AP language exam Click on the link!




Comment est l'examen?


The Persuasive Writing Tips:

Tips for the persuasive essay:

The persuasive essay has to have an introduction, treat the opposing views of the two sources of information, and give the student's personal opinion, then conclude.One should use "on" in the AP essay where a student will read + listen + view a neutral graph. (these + antithese + sythese) 5 paragraphs are a goal. What is sure is that students must present different viewpoints (including reference to viewpoints in the sources provided) and then defend their own opinion. How they organize their essay may well be in 5 paragraphs but not necessarily. Students must cite all three sources in their essay.

1) All three sources are clearly referenced using verbal strategies such as "d'après la seconde source...". Allusions and just stating the name of the person who talked is not sufficient.

2) Our students will need

      a) to demonstrate understanding of what was written and  said,

      b) to say why it is important in order to support their argument

      c) to provide justification, or an extension as to how their supporting details promote or impede the topic of the argument. In other words, "what is the difference that the example will make" in the argument.

3) Rich language, a variety of sentence structures and complex sentences: relative pronouns EX: ceux, auquel, ce dont and gerunds.

4) Students should write on the same level of complexity as the sources. -James O'Donnell.


QUIZLET link for expressions for the persuasive writing portion of the AP FRENCH exam

The email response-TIPS (E-mail : Courriel : mél : mail : basic details)


Directions: You will write a reply to an email message. You have 15 minutes to read the message and write your reply. Your reply should include a greeting and a closing and should respond to the two questions and requests in the message. In your reply, you must also ask one question for more details about something mentioned in the message. Also, you should use a formal form of address.

The students will have 15 minutes to write the response to the email - This is not an essay!

  • It must be FORMAL!! VOUS and formal register and tone. POLITE
  • Students must answer two questions
  • Students must also ask one question before ending the email.
  • The mail is organized and clear.
  • At the end they should use a formal closure

Les Thèmes

From College Board, these should all sound familiar...


Authentic Audio Recordings that follow the chapiters in Allons au Dela...

Chapitre 1   Mobilisation en faveur des Roms © TFI


Chapitre 2   Climat et météo © Canal Académie, fiches établies par le CAVILAM en copyright


Chapitre 3   Mieux comprendre le stress © Canal Académie, fiches établies par le CAVILAM en copyright

Chapitre 4   Droits de l'homme et droits de la nature © Canal Académie, fiches établies par le CAVILAM en copyright

Chapitre 5   Émeutes de la faim © Canal Académie

Chapitre 6   Lettres de résistants © Canal Académie

Chapitre 7   Percer le secret des Exoplanètes © Canal Académie, fiches établies par le CAVILAM en copyright

Chapitre 8   L’avenir de l’internet © Canal Académie

Chapitre 9   Nouveaux scanners dans les aéroports, extract from audio on site RFI © RFI

Chapitre 10  Call center, extract from audio on site RFI © RFI

Chapitre 11  La maison et moi © Canal Académie

Chapitre 12  Le sportnographe © Radio Canada

Chapitre 13  L'après-midi porte conseil, émission du 25/11/10 © Radio Canada

Chapitre 14  Le poupon, extract from audio on site RFI © RFI

Chapitre 15  Je suis la voix de la sncf © Le Monde

Chapitre 16  Immigration et intégration © Canal Académie

Chapitre 17  L’Islam, Religions du monde, extract from audio on site RFI © RFI

Chapitre 18  Algérie, le français reste une langue incontournable, extract from audio on site RFI © RFI

Chapitre 19  L'immigration © Canal Académie

Chapitre 20  Les enfants des rues, extract from audio on site RFI © RFI

Chapitre 21  Senghor © Canal Académie

Chapitre 22  La face cachée d’Halloween © Canal Académie

Chapitre 23  La famille © Canal Académie

Chapitre 24  Lettre d’amour : George Sand à Alfred de Musset © Canal Académie

Chapitre 25  L'homme de néanderthal est-il notre ancêtre © Radio Canada

Chapitre 26  La demeure de Claude Monet © Canal Académie

Chapitre 27  Ravel, roman © Canal Académie

Chapitre 28  Le Theatre du Chatelet © Canal Académie


Les Médecins Sans Frontières

Published on Oct 31, 2013
Immuniser un million d'enfants contre la rougeole
Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur le site de l'une des sections MSF francophones :
• MSF Belgique :
• MSF Luxembourg :
• MSF France :
• MSF Suisse :

Le Clonage

Uploaded on Feb 24, 2009

REPORTAGE: Le clonage des embryons humains est une pratique controversée dans la plupart des pays. Mais pas en Chine où les scientifiques viennent de réussir le clonage de 5 embryons humains grâce à une toute nouvelle technique.

Practice open responses from 2012

From the college board site, here is the written items, directions and the practice test, which was actually the exam in 2012.

Once you download the PDF with the directions and the prompts, then go to this site to be able to access the listening and speaking prompts.


2012 sample responses to the persuasive essay, the AP scoring rubric and the comments on the graded samples


2013 Free Response Questions

Look at the persuasive essay, you can view on here or download the PDF. Make sure to look at the different sources and follow the link (or cut and paste to get the audio selection.)

2013 AP French Language and Culture Task 2 Persuasive Essay


2013 Free Response Samples and Scoring Guidelines

After completing your practice essay using all three sources, go through and read several samples provided by College Board. There are explanations of the scoring guidelines and what each sample scored and why.


Resources and Links from tsdwlstandards - AP French wiki

AP French wikis

  1. AP French Planning DMD
  2. TAP-FLC Collaborative wiki for AP French teachers
  3. Sources and prepared units for A1, B2, etc
  4. DELF exams listening sections use
  5. Infos de Suisse
  6. AP French links for each theme-well- organized all materials
  7. Le Plaisir d'apprendre-excellent exercises
  8. Over 200 French texts
  9. PowerPoints for French themes
  10. Educavox-site for education and tech-readings and videos
  11. Sitioguide-themes divided up with links.
  12. Liens pour la classe d'AP French
  13. AP French Planning
  14. French PBL wiki
  15. Monsieur Doehla
  16. Frenchified-blog with excellent activities
  17. Le Cahier du FLE excellent resource for listening and reading
  18. Netvibes organized theme suggests for activities
  19. Sitothèque des sites-AP
  20. AP site of resources and organization>
  21. ICT magic-languages, culture
  22. Practice reading selection from Scotland
  23. Practice French tests from Austrailia

Online practice tests from other resources

AP French Listening Exercises

  1. Reportages de la télé. etc. (authentique)
  2. Audio Lingua-Short passages to use at all levels-excellent source
  3. AP audio examples:
  4. Publicités, etc.
  5. Medecins sans Frontières audio et vidéo avec des exercises
  6. Espace Apprendre-AP listening exercises taken lots from here
  7. Baladodiffusion et enseignement podcasts and other listening exercises
  8. La guinguette-articles and listening recordings with scripts
  9. Podcasts Facile-great for Fr. 1, 2, 3
  10. French Listening Comprehension: for levels 1-4
  11. Les 7 jours sur la planète-les dossiers
  12. Culture Box-site video-actualités de la France-vidéo/régions
  13. Ecoute
  14. BBC-GCSE Listening sources
  15. African resources from many countries
  16. ONU-United Nations Radio
  17. Montreal:short clips on a variety of topics
  18. Newsmap of world events about France in French
  19. La vie contemporaine-Univ.
  20. 6 avril 2009 : « Vox pop : Qu’est-ce qu’un chercheur ? » (3:13) Thème du cours : La science et la technologie
  21. La Belgique-webcasts radio
  22. Radio Belge-podcasts
  23. French Today listening and text
  24. Les publicités françaises
  25. Autour de la Gastronomie
  26. Health podcasts
  27. La rentrée scolaire>
  28. Media, écoles, etc.-great simple resources

AP French theme resources and activities

  1. UNICEF: La voix des jeunes: Les défis des enfants

2. Racism: Identités:

3. Immigration:Organisation International pour les migrations
4. Tahar Ben Jelloun
5. La Banque Mondiale
6. Series of Readings on many topics to match many themes with questions-very useful.
7. Series of worksheets at all levels-excellent
8. Le clé de l'actualités-(science aussi)
9. Québec et son identité
10. Using short films to teach languages
11. Metro Paris-current news-appeals to youth
12. Val de Marne:Interesting collection of video from the Val de Marne département south of Paris covering many of the topics in a local newsy type of way.

AP Practice in General

  1. Trésors du temps-quia-listening, reading and videos to prepare and synthesize for the test
  2. DelfB Junior Livres du Clé International
  3. Delf B exam Practice
  4. Les 93 expressions texto en français
  5. Radio Canada pour la Jeunesse
  6. AP@Share:blog to share new AP ideas


Grammar, art, literature resources

  1. PowerPoint resources and activities
  2. Free online books and magazines
  3. France Interactif-Univ of Texas
  4. Vidéo clips-French 1/2
  5. Kiffe, kiffe, demain-roman> >
  6. Lire, récréer lire>
  7. has some good reading but not in the multiple choice format.

Charts, etc to analyze

  1. Polls and charts
  2. Mangerbouger
  3. Fraîcheattitude>

Audio Practice

Si vous avez des problèmes avec les fichiers audio, téléchargez Adobe Flash Player




audio Pré-intermédiaire - activité 9 audio Pré-intermédiaire - activité 29



audio Intermédiaire - activité 1 audio Intermédiaire - activité 5 audio Intermédiaire - activité 9
audio Intermédiaire - activité 2 audio Intermédiaire - activité 6 audio Intermédiaire - activité 10
audio Intermédiaire - activité 3 audio Intermédiaire - activité 7 audio Intermédiaire - activité 11
audio Intermédiaire - activité 4 audio Intermédiaire - activité 8 audio Intermédiaire - activité 12



audio Intermédiaire fort - activité 1 audio Intermédiaire fort - activité 5 audio Intermédiaire fort - activité 9
audio Intermédiaire fort - activité 2 audio Intermédiaire fort - activité 6
audio Intermédiaire fort - activité 7 audio Intermédiaire fort - activité 11
audio Intermédiaire fort - activité 4 audio Intermédiaire fort - activité 8  



audio Avancé - activité 1 audio Avancé - activité 3  
audio Avancé - activité 2 audio Avancé - activité 4