Practice Tutorial

Practice Tutorial

Author: Tammy Wiechmann

At the end of this lesson the creator will have demonstrated how to make a tutorial.

This is a practice tutorial using Algebra 1b curriculum. The creator will attempt to use all 8 media sources in an effort to learn the process.

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This text is a sample of how to insert text and an image into a tutorial.  Choose the image icon then upload. After you locate the image you want click send it to the server.

Source: Melrose Area Schools Home page

SmartBoard Template

This is an example of the video notes template that I will create from my SMARTBOARD lessons. These templates need to be completed by the students while they watch the video. From my SMART notebook I need to export to a PDF file. This file can then be uploaded to my tutorial.

Full Screen

Video saved as an HTML

After creating the video on the screencast-o-matic website I copied the HTML embed code and pasted into the HTML Code box.

Source: screencast-0-matic