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Practicing Descriptive Writing

Practicing Descriptive Writing

Author: Laurie Lykken

The objective of this lesson is to give students an understanding of effective descriptive writing that engages the five senses and then a chance to practice this writing themselves.

  1. To begin to notice descriptive writing that engages the five senses and the effectiveness of that writing in creating a unified dominant impression of the subject, students will evaluate restaurant reviews on the Yelp! iPad app.  
  2. They will select the three reviews that they have decided are most useful and share those reviews with classmates on the class electronic bulletin board.
  3. After reading the class  selections, they will vote for their favorite two reviews by sharing their reasons for their choices.  Entries will be judged on their use of description that engages all five senses, on creating a dominant impression and usefulness to readers in deciding whether to try or avoid the restaurant reviewed.
  4. Students write their own review and post that on the Yelp! site.


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