Pre-Algebra: Indirect Measurement Lesson

Pre-Algebra: Indirect Measurement Lesson

Author: shuana todd

At the end of this class, students will be able to correctly solve indirect measurement problems using rational numbers and the shadow reckoning method.  The will also be able to demonstrate their skills by measuring two objects and their shadows.

After viewing the following YouTube video below, students will discuss ways in which this process could be used in the real world.  Students will then form groups to measure classroom objects using this method.


This video solves an indirect measurement problem.  This technique can be used to find the length of very large objects without traditional measuring instruments through the use of similar triangles.

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Indirect Measurement

Solves an example indirect measurement problem.

Source: YouTube

Indirect measurement or shadow reckoning

After viewing the video, use the indirect measurement method to determine the height of a local  landmark in your community.