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Pre-Production for Mini Horror Movie

Pre-Production for Mini Horror Movie

Author: Tina LeBaron

When creating a video project, you don't want to jump in and start filming without a plan. In this tutorial, we'll be making the Pre-Production documents for the project, including Storyboards for the story design, Gantt Charts for Development, and Rubrics for your component of the Mini Horror Movie project so that I can grade you based on what you did instead of what I think you should have done.

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Before the Lessons

Before you view the video on Gantt Charts below, download the note taking PDF included in this Tutorial and open the page that best fits your needs in Photoshop to edit it with the text tool.

For creating your storyboard for this lesson, you may use the storyboard paper we have in class or download a template you like from here: These can be used in Photoshop as well as be printed on paper, so you may choose to make your storyboards digitally or traditionally. Remember, you'll be graded on the following (more details can be found on our class LMS):

-Story adheres to Genre Conventions /7
-3 act structure /9
-Reveal/Twist Included /4
-Uses Images, text, and shots /5

*Not related to this lesson specifically, but if you need additional practice on camera techniques and exposures you may want to play Canon's camera simulator at: Both this game and the video below can help you before the lessons to have a firm grasp of the concepts before you have to make a movie.


Using a Gantt Chart to Schedule Your Project

When scheduling out a multiple day project, especially one with multiple people, a Gantt Chart is a great way to plan out each task and work with multiple people. Here's how to make one to schedule out your projects using Google Sheets. Your Gantt Chart will be graded on the following:
-Each Students has tasks each day /8
-All essential tasks are covered /7
-Time frames are realistic /5
-Organized with text, colors representing each member /5

Outside Resource: AFI Basic Handbook for Young Filmmakers

A document full of resources, including shot type references, a script sample, and logs for daily recording.