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Precalc Lesson 2.1 "Linear and Quadratic Functions and Modeling (Standard Form)"

Precalc Lesson 2.1 "Linear and Quadratic Functions and Modeling (Standard Form)"

Author: Chad Bray

To graph the parabola for a quadratic function given in standard form

To describe the transformations of the parent function f(x) = x2 given a quadratic function in standard form

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Video of the Lesson

PowerPoint of the Lesson


1) Complete the "Review" and "On Your Own" problems from the lesson.

2) Write a summary of the lesson. Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and complete sentences

In Class

The next time we meet in class we will complete the assignment below. You may get started on it ahead of time if you'd like.

Pg. 182-183 #27-38.

*Do not follow the directions given in the book for these problems. Your directions are to graph the parabola for each quadratic function and describe the transformations. Make sure you label the vertex, axis of symmetry, y-intercept and its mirror image on your graphs.