Author: Kaitlyn Polcini

In this tutorial you will find out what prefixes are and how they can change the meaning of a word! Make sure to watch each video and look over everything carefully so you will be not be UNprepared for class!

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This rap song about prefixes will help you begin to understand what they are and what they are used for!

This video gives you a clear explanation of what prefixes are along with examples.

Below is a list of a few prefixes and base words. Each prefix and base word has a meaning. When you connect the prefix to the baseword, you get a whole new word!

In this short cartoon, you will see how prefixes can change things!!

Take a look at this powerpoint presentation about prefixes

This song is a little crazy but I think it will really help you understand prefixes. Enjoy!


Time for your WSQ! This is where you will show what you now know! Make sure to complete this so you will be prepared for class!