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Prelude to the War of 1812

Prelude to the War of 1812

Author: Dan Boyle
  • To introduce students to some of the major reasons why the War of 1812 began and to some of the major figures of the time that advocated for war
  • To discover whether any of these reasons was cause enough to go war with the British.  If not, why did the United States go to war with England?

On June 1, 1812, President James Madison asked a sympathetic Congress for a declaration of war against England.  He, as well as a new group of politicians in Congress called the War Hawks, believed that England had disrespected the rights of the United States in terms of trade, the forcing of its citizens to become members of the British navy, and the incitement to war of many of the Amerindian tribes of the "Old Northwest."  

The question that must be asked is: were any or all of these situations reason enough for the United States to go to war with England?  That is the question that we will discuss in a snap debate.

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Overview of why the United States Went to War with England in 1812

A brief look at the overall issues between the United States and England that led to war in 1812. The tutorials after this will go into greater specifics about the four issues that were a part of this.

Impressment and the Chesapeake Affair

A look at two of the reasons for the United States going to war with England in 1812.

Orders in Council and the Amerindians

A look at two more of the reasons as to why the United States went to war with England in 1812.

Reasons why the United States went to war with England in 1812

Please take this quick survey as to why you think the United States went to war with England in 1812. Be sure to scroll down through and rank each of the four reasons that were discussed in the videos.