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Preparing For A Job Interview

Preparing For A Job Interview

Author: Araceli Hernandez

Description: Today we will be learning what job interviews are and the do's and don'ts for job interviewing.

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ASCA Standards:

M2: Self-confidence in ability to succeed

M6. Positive attitude toward work and learning


Explain the purpose for a job interview.

Identify the do’s and don’ts for job interviewing.

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As you are approaching the end of high school, you will need tools to prepare you for job interviews. Look through all of the resources provided to help guide you in understanding job interviews and what you should and should not do. The goal is to help prepare you to become successful.

Job Interview Tips for Teens


Take a moment to review the following image to gain a better understanding of what you should be doing.

What you were also impacts how you will be seen by those interviewing you. Look at the following images to gain a better understanding of what is appropriate for an interview.

Time to watch a video that will review everything we have learned. This will be a great guide to help you know what you should do as well as what to expect during the interview Tips To Guide You

Big Idea

Now that you have reviewed ALL of the content on how to prepare for a job interview, you are going to show what you have learned. Click the link below to access the questions. NOTE: You MUST complete the questions in order to receive credit.