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Preparing for the Research Paper

Preparing for the Research Paper

Author: Lisa Draper

Students will read the pdf file for the research project.

Students will view the you tube video on "Grammar Mistakes."

Students will list at least 5 common grammatical errors found in research papers.

Students will create proposal for research project.

When students prepare for research papers, some fail to utilize the resources to improve their writing. The youtube video by Weird Al Yankovic could appeal to students who like to be entertained while staying focused on the mechanics of preparing a research paper. The video could motivate students to utilize a proofreader when preparing their research proposals.

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Weird Al Yankovic's Word Crimes Video

Approximately 4 minute video that points out common grammatical errors. Entertaining and informative.

Source: Weird Al Yankovic you tube video "Word Crimes"

Research Paper Requirements

This document describes what is required for each portion of the research process.


Source: Lisa Draper