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Prepping for the Test - acids and bases

Prepping for the Test - acids and bases

Author: carolyn fruin

DATE OF TEST - Thursday, May 17.

The test will cover chapters 15 and 16 and 18-3 (Ka) from the Holt Modern Chemistry textbook. Extra worksheets are available on the MOODLE site under the unit worksheet file.

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Virtual Textbook Review

This online textbook summarizes the unit in organized sections. When you are ready to review, this is a nice layout to do some last minute checking.

All About Acids and Bases

Source: Stephen Lower - Simon Fraser University

Online Testbanks - Acids and Bases

A series of online quizzes - you pick the topics you need to practice.  CLICK HERE

Practice Quizzes Online

When you feel you are sufficiently prepared, try these practice quizzes to determine what information you may need further study on.

From Modern Chemistry, by Davis & Metcalfe (Holt, Rinehant and Winston)

From Chemistry, by Wilbraham, Staley, Matta & Waterman (Pearson Prentice Hall)

Worksheet 8.6 - Acids and Bases Unit Review


Worksheet 8.6 - Acids and Bases Unit Review Answer Key


Optional Study Guide - Chapter 15 and 16

All topics in this review can be found in the Holt textbook chapter 15 and 16. The Ka problems are section 18-3.