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Preschool: Apostle Creed Part 4

Preschool: Apostle Creed Part 4

Author: Kaitlyn Peterson
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Hey Everyone!

We hope you enjoyed service this morning! We are changing our Sunday School so it will follow along with the sermon series.  This week we will focus on part 4 of the creed.  Help your kids memorize the section with the activities below.  Talk to them about its meaning and why we believe it.  When your kids have learned a portion of the creed please send us a video shot in landscape (horizontal) to so we can add it into the video for the end of the series! Have fun!

Apostle Creed Song

Visual representation of Apostle Creed

Motions to learn the Apostle Creed

Discuss as a Family

Help your kids make connections between what the Bible says and the different phrases in the creed. Show your preschooler your Bible, show them how you look up things by book, chapter, and verse. Guide them and ask if they have any questions about God, Jesus, the resurrection or anything else they heard today. Allow this to be a jumping off point for further discussion.


Draw the Creed!

To help the kids remember it better come up with pictures to represent the different phrases in the creed, with preschool it might just be a symbol or something simple to help them remember. You can use this page or use any piece of paper. As they are creating the pictures talk to them about the importance of each phrase in what we believe. I have highlighted words that may need to be explained.


Coloring Page