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Preschool: Apostle's Creed Part 6

Preschool: Apostle's Creed Part 6

Author: Alycia Zwiers

Good morning everyone!

We hope you enjoyed worshiping with us today! This week we focus on part 6 of the creed. Help your kids memorize the section with the activities below. Talk to them about its meaning and why we believe it. Have fun! 

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Apostles' Creed Song

Apostles' Creed Video

Motions to Learn Apostles' Creed

The Apostles’ Creed Part 6

“I believe in...the forgiveness of sins”

Ask your child “do you know what sin is?” Sin means anything that we do that breaks God’s rules for us. It is the bad stuff we do that makes God sad and separates us from Him. What types of things do we do that would make God sad?

Examples for Kids:

-Disobeying your parents


-Being mean to a sibling or a friend

-Making fun of someone

-Taking things that aren’t yours

-Sneaking around

-Breaking rules

-Any others you can think of?

Watch this video for a great kids explanation on sin!

We are SO lucky, because even though we sin, Jesus gives us something called FORGIVENESS! When Jesus died on the cross, He died for all the sins we still have in our lives today. God still loves us SO much, even when we do bad things. He will forget about those bad things, when we ask him to FORGIVE us for breaking His rules!

Below are a few links to hands on activities that you can do with your family to illustrate how God forgives us and takes away all our sins!

Jesus Forgives Coloring Page