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Preschool: Waiting for God

Preschool: Waiting for God

Author: Alycia Zwiers
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Watch this video about the story of the Golden Calf.


Waiting can be really hard sometimes, right? Can you think of something that you have wanted so bad, but you've had to wait for? (a toy, a food, to go somewhere, a vacation, etc) How long did you have to wait? 

Right now, we are all waiting. We're waiting to be able to go back to playing with our friends, seeing our families, and being able to go back to church together!

The Israelites didn't follow God's commandments when they got sick of waiting and made something else to worship instead of God. How can we ask God to help us be PATIENT and wait for his direction right now? 


Since it's Mother's Day, make sure you wish you mom a Happy Mother's Day and tell her how much you love her! Then, visit this website and choose a coloring page to color and give to your mom!