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Preschool: Walking in the Truth

Preschool: Walking in the Truth

Author: Alycia Zwiers
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This is a Roman soldier. Notice all of his protection he has on? This is called his armor. He wore this before he went to battle to protect himself and keep himself safe.

God gives us protection too, to help us follow him and walk in his truths every day. This armor gives us strength against the devil and the bad things that he wants us to do. This protection is is called “The Armor of God.”

The Armor of God includes:

The Belt of Truth

The Breastplate of Righteousness

The Shoes of Peace

The Helmet of Salvation

The Sword of the Spirit

The Shield of Faith

Watch this video to see what God gives us each of these things for!


Armor of God song

Armor of God Prayer for Kids

Source: Teachers Pay Teachers


Here's an experiment you can do with Mom and Dad about the Armor of God!