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Prescription Pickup

Prescription Pickup

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Inform patients of prescription status.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn how to assist patients with picking up their prescriptions in Spanish. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Al Recoger la Receta (Picking up the Prescription)

1. Al Recoger la Receta (Picking up the Prescription)

The following expressions will be useful when you need to communicate instructions or information about picking up a prescription.

English Spanish Pronunciation
The pharmacist needs to speak to you about your prescription. El farmacéutico/La farmacéutica necesita hablar con usted sobre su receta. ale far-ma-say-oo-tee-koh nay-say-see-tah ah-blarr cone oo-staid so-bray sue ray-say-tah
Please step to the consultation area. He/she will be right there. Favor de venir a las consultas para esperar a él / ella. fah-bore day bay-near ah lahs cone-sool-tahs pa-rah ace-pay-rarr ah ale / ay-yah
Who is the prescription for? ¿Para quién es la receta? pa-rah key-ain ace la ray-say-tah
Who are the prescriptions for? ¿Para quién son las recetas? pa-rah key-ain soan lahs ray-say-tahs
What is the date of birth of the patient? ¿Cuál es la fecha de nacimiento del / de la paciente? k’wall ace la fay-chah day nah-see-me-ain-toe dale / de la pah-see-ain-tay
What is the name on the prescription? ¿Cuál es el nombre en la receta? k’wall ace ale noam-bray ain la ray-say-tah?
What is the prescription number? ¿Cuál es el número de la receta? k’wall ace ale noo-may-row day la ray-say-tah
How many prescriptions are you picking up today? ¿Cuántas recetas necesita recoger hoy? k’wann-tahs ray-say-tahs nay-say-see-tah ray-koh-hair oy
Are you picking-up prescriptions for anyone else? ¿Necesita recoger recetas para otra persona? nay-say-see-tah ray-koh-hair ray-say-tahs pa-rah oh-trah pair-so-nah
Do you have any questions for the pharmacist about your prescription? ¿Tiene preguntas para el farmacéutico (la farmacéutica) sobre su receta? tee-ay-nay pray-goon-tahs pa-rah ale far-ma-say-oo-tee-koh so-bray sue ray-say-tah
Pharmacist only:
Do you have any questions about your prescription?
¿Tiene preguntas sobre su receta? tee-ay-nay pray-goon-tahs so-bray sue ray-say-tah
Do you have other questions? ¿Tiene más preguntas? tee-ay-nay mahs pray-goon-tahs
Please call if you have any other questions or concerns about your prescription. Favor de llamarnos si tenga otras preguntas o preocupaciones sobre su receta. fah-bore day yah-mar-nohs see tain-gah oh-trahs pray-goon-tahs oh pray-oh-coo-pah-see-oh-nace so-bray sue ray-say-tah
Our privacy policy is provided for you (here) on the back of this prescription label receipt. Nuestra política de confidencialidad está (aquí) al otro lado de este recibo de la etiqueta de la receta. noo-ace-trah po-lee-tee-kah day cone-fee-dain-see-ah-lee-dod ace-tah (ah-key) all oh-troh la-doe day ace-tay ray-see-bo day la ay-tee-kay-tah day la ray-say-tah
Please sign (initial) here to indicate that you have received it. Favor de firmar (poner sus iniciales) aquí para demostrar que la recibió. fah-bore day fear-marr (po-nair suess ee-knee-see-ah-lace) ah-key pa-rah day-moe-strar kay la ray-see-bee-oh
Please sign here to indicate that you had (did not have) questions for the pharmacist. Favor de firmar aquí para indicar que (no) tuvo preguntas para el farmacéutico. Fah-bore day fear-mar ah-key pa-rah een-dee-car kay (no) too-boe pray-goon-tahs pa-rah ale far-ma-say-oo-tee-koh
Did you find everything you were looking for? ¿Encontró todo bien? ain-cone-trohtoe-doe bee-ain
Your total is ($). Cuesta ($) en total. k’wace-tah ($) ain toe-tall
Thank you for choosing our pharmacy. Gracias por elegir nuestra farmacia. grah-see-ahs pour ay-lay-hear noo-ay-strah far-ma-see-ah
Have a nice day. Qué tenga un buen día. kay tain-gah oon b’wayne dee-ah

In this lesson, you learned what you can say to assist patients with picking up their prescriptions in Spanish. The expressions taught in this lesson can be used for a basic conversation regarding the prescription, particularly when informing patients of their prescription status.

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