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present perfect vs present perfect coninuous

present perfect vs present perfect coninuous

Author: mehmet karateke
  • to check students' grammar knowledge
  • to improve their grammar skills

1. What are the forms and uses of Present Perfect Simple Tense?

2. What are the forms and uses of Present Perfect Continuous Tense?



  • to encourage them to talk about the past tenses
  • to define differences between them
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explanation - quiz

Present perfect continuous and simple

Cambridge University Press
978-0-521-18939-2 – English Grammar in Use
Raymond Murphy


Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Perfect

In this video lesson you will find easy and clear explanations of when and how to use the present perfect continuous (I have been doing) and when to use the present perfect (I have done).

For more explanations, exercises and support visit:

present perfect vs present perf cont

You can find evetything you need about this grammar section.
usage of question form
time expression, etc.
hope you love it