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Author: Nikki Hansen

To provide tips on how to formulate and deliver an effective presentation.

This packet includes a helpful text portion, slideshow and video aid to help deliver tips on creating and delivering an effective presentation.

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Giving a Presentation

The basic components of a presentation are:

- the basic goal of your presentation: develop your presentation's topic to a few main ideas.

- audience characteristics and knowledge base: try to appeal to the interests of the audience (most likely your fellow classmates).

- thesis statement: yes! you need these for presentations, too! State what the point of the presentation is, and what you are going to prove (or argue). 

- argument: present facts to back up your argument.  Be convincing. Present your evidence clearly and logically. 

- review and summary: summarize what you've presented, answer any questions.


Techniques for Delivery:

Use personal pronouns in your delivery.  Maintain eye contact with your audience. Use a conversational voice.  Use transitions to signal the audience that you're moving on to a new idea. Direct questions at your audience to get them more involved. Leave time for questions, and invite feedback. 

Presentation Tips