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Presentations for Masters in Reading and Professional Development Provided

Presentations for Masters in Reading and Professional Development Provided

Author: Mrs. T Tomassi
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The Analytical Reading Inventory Professional Development 510

This video was developed as part of my 510 Course. It looks at the use of the Analytical Reading Inventory as part of a reading intervention resource. Thoughts about the assessment's bias, reliablity, and validity are offered along with tips for use.

Source: Analytical Reading Inventory, 10th Edition

What to use? 5 Reading Assessments

This video was created and uploaded for my Reading Course REA 510. It walks through a graphic organizer that categorizes and breaks apart 5 reading assessments that help teachers screen, diagnose, and progress monitor student understanding.

The Impact on Reading: A historical perspective

A look at some influences in American history that have impacted reading instruction. For my masters course.

Source: See reference slides

Using Pearson to Differentiate - BTEC 2015 Planning to DANSE

This video was made to support teachers in Brevard with Pearson Realize. The overview is support using the curriculum to create differentiated and self paced student groups.

Teachers already looked through the FSA standards, depth of complexity, and how mastery of the standards might look. Then, they reviewed the curriculum to see how the component on Realize could support student progression through independent or differentiated levels of learning.

Source: Pearson Realize