Presenting Single Variable Data

Presenting Single Variable Data

Author: Laura Kniffin

This packet teaches:

How and when to use pie charts and bar graphs
How to create pie charts and bar graphs in Excel
How and when to use dotplots

A compilation of videos, images, and text on how to present single variable data

Co-Authors: Kendra Wheeler and Craig Nelson

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Terms To Know

Variable- a number that can change. We use variables when collecting data.

Quantitative- a number value, a measurement 

Qualitative- The categories used, a descriptive of the variable

When to use the graphs

- A pie chart is used when you have percentages

- A bar graph is used when comparing numerical values

- A dot plot is used to show a correlation between two variables

How to Graph Bar and Pie Charts on Excel

Making Dot Plots!

To make dot plots on excel, you follow the same instructions (making pie and bar graphs) in the video above, but you pick the graph that represents a dot plot.

*As said above, dot plots can be used to show correlation between data. When used in excel, it shows clear correlations, and can help the viewer to better understand the connection between your data recieved.