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Principal Parts & Perfect Tense

Principal Parts & Perfect Tense

Author: Sarah Diczok

Students will:

Recognize, translate and give the uses for the principal parts of a Latin verb

Form and translate verbs in the perfect tense 

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Principal Parts & Perfect Tense - Directions

Video #1 - You will not need to take notes since you already have them, but you do need to answer the questions   as you watch the video.

Perfect Tense Song - Listen in order to review the endings, but no singing!

Video #2 - Watch the video.  On the paper I have given you, conjugate the verbs in the perfect tense.

Video #3 - For early finishers - more informaion about principal parts. Summarize in 5 sentences.

Principal Parts & Perfect Tense (for iOS devices)

Complete the worksheet as you watch.

If you are not using an iOS device, you may watch the other version & answer the questions inside the video.

Principal Parts & Perfect Tense Review (for non-iOS devices)

You can only use this version if you are watching on a laptop. If you are using an iOS device, use the other version with worksheet.

A review of the first three principal parts and the perfect tense basics

Perfect Tense Song

Every Latin student's favorite grammar song. You may dance, but no singing in the library!

Source: L & L - Latin Verbs Rock

Conjugating in the perfect tense

Latin Tutorial Video

Principal Parts