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Principles of US Government

Principles of US Government

Author: Michael Turturice

Arizona State Standards: Concept 1: Foundations of Government: The United States democracy is based on principles and ideals that are embodied by symbols, people, and documents.


PO 1. Examine the foundations of democratic representative government:

a. Greek direct democracy

b. The Roman Republic

United States democratic government finds roots in Ancient Greece and the Roman Republic and incorporates several principles that make America unique. Please review the presentation/information in preparation for class!

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Principles and Ideas Behind American Government

Review this presentation and bring in questions for us to discuss in the next class session

Source: Mike Turturice

Types of Governments

Review this document to be familiar with types of typical government structures


Source: Mike Turturice

Similarities and Differences Between US and Roman Governments

Read this brief overview of some distinct similarities between Roman and US governments!


Reading Overview

To learn about some elements of Ancient Greece and Rome governments in relation to the US, please read p. 646-648 stopping at Feudalism. :-)