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Probability and Odds

Probability and Odds

Author: Laura Kniffin

New terms and definitions
To be able to find the theoretical probability of an event
To be able to find the odds of an event

Definitions of probability and odds and a short video with examples.

Co author: Craig Nelson

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Examples to Try.

1.) Kendra has a collection of various cereals on a shelf in the cabinet. Five of the cereals contain corn, two contain rice, and four contain oats. Without looking, she selects a box of cereal for breakfast. What is the probability that the cereal she selects will contain oats? 

2.)  Eleven poker chips are numbered consecutively 1 through 10, with two of them labeled with a 6 and placed in a jar. A chip is drawn at random. Find the odds of drawing a 6. 

3.)  If the odds against an event occurring are 9:14, what is the probability of the event occurring?   

Answers to Examples